Buyers, Beware!

An Example of Creativity Training
Buyers, Beware!

The Situation

Procurement is a discipline that has relied on analytical thinking for ideas in the past. But the ideas are usually incremental, rather than fresh and supporting new thinking.


Delivered the very engaging workshop, “Thinking Differently for a Change”. Appealed to their analytical tendencies by talking about thinking style and how the brain works. Gave them exercises to help them think “out of the box”. We also had an application section so that they could see what types of situations would warrant using “out of the box” thinking.

What Happened

There were a lot of AHAs in the room as most of the Procurement Professionals could see how “creative thinking” could be used within their jobs and when it is appropriate to use these types of tools. Many discovered that they had a creative side and were eager to apply this approach.