Using Insights in a Workshop

The Situation

Used the Insights approach, with the pre-assignment of observational research of the product being used in the home and some shopper observation in the aisle where product is normally kept. Use these observations and other interesting facts to formulate insights.


Use KAI (Kirton Adaptor Innovator Index) to assess the thinking styles among the 12 associated with this workgroup. Start the session with a lot of discussion, with the intent of getting to about 10 agreed upon communication guidelines for the team.

What Happened

The product development team wasn’t used to observing consumer behavior from the shopping trip to use in the home. This opened their eyes about the product and caused all sorts of insights to form and some myths to be debunked. After insight formation, then small teams used the insights as inspiration for their idea generation session. There were a number of new, fresh ideas that were sparked by the insights. The team learned more about the consumer and had some really exciting ideas to implement.