Spark of Inspiration

Welcome to my blog. For a long time I’ve been an avid photographer and an accomplished practitioner of Creative Problem Solving. What this blog will cover are topics and tools that blend the use of images and creativity in order to inspire insight and ideas. An approach that I call “Imagining through Imaging”, which is an approach that I’ve used and shared at creativity workshops over the past four years.

How this differs from other tools that use images is that the inspiration comes from pre-visualizing, taking the image, and then using that image to take an imaginative journey. This journey results in new thinking and perspectives, often called insights. These insights help to formulate new ideas.

For example:

I was hiking earlier this spring in McMinnville, Oregon. As I was hiking I was looking for an interesting pattern involving two flowers. What I was pre-visualizing was the coming together of two petals similar to what daVinci did in the Sistine Chapel with
Adam and God. Now, I realize that is a pretty grand comparison, but it does the best job of explaining the relationship that I was trying to capture.

What I found was a field of irises high on a hill, with a beautiful bluish-purple color juxtaposed in such a way that it reminded me of daVinci’s famous fresco.

After taking the picture, I started my imaginative journey. What does this photo that I just took represent to me? And that’s when it hit me, what I am trying to do with “Imagining Through Imaging” is to provide that spark of inspiration.

So, over the next year, I will be sharing tools and techniques that provide that “spark of inspiration”.

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